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“Aimee has actively engaged me in the process of setting individualized goals for students and asked for input every step of the way. Her willingness to engage general education teachers in a collaborative manner has proven beneficial for students who struggle the most.”

K-8 Teacher, 2017

“I took this course to help my new paras to become more knowledgeable with regards to working with all students and information to help students succeed. My biggest takeaway from this experience were the [practical application] activities where I had guided support in practicing what we were learning. I feel confident implementing these strategies to empower the paras in my classroom.”

Special Education Teacher, 2022

“Hearing personal stories relating to the content makes it easier to understand the content and made typically dry, but necessary content much more interesting!!”

Paraeducator, 2023

“[Aimee] is fully present when she works with students and takes each of their strengths and interests in mind. Aimee helped craft an education plan for a student…to support a very unusual presentation of strengths and needs. Her plan was received with relief and applause from numerous team members, as many of us had been trying to figure out how to support him. I am very impressed at the dedication and though she puts into serving each student.”

Speech Language Pathologist, 2015

“Aimee creates a very friendly atmosphere. It was very impactful to know that everyone is valued and to learn about different staff roles and how to work within them.”

Paraeducator, 2023

“The level of excitement Aimee shows toward improving and developing her own and others’ professional skills makes her a most valuable educator.”

Special Education Director, 2017

“My biggest takeaway from [Aimee’s workshop] was using data to show students how they are doing. I now feel confident graphing their scores to empower them through the data.”

Paraeducator & Interventionist, 2023

“Just finished all my course homework from Aimee! The priority matrix was key and so was really chewing on the question ‘What could you streamline with a course?’ My answer was a produced I’d NEVER even considered offering previously. Excited to continue building it out through our assignments over the next several weeks.”

Business Owner & Participant of Triple Threat Course Creation, 2022

“The most impactful thing [in Aimee’s course] for me was to hear real perspectives and stories on each topic. What will support my teaching the most will be the real life examples we talked about and the different ways staff can handle different situations – including potential outcomes.”

Special Education Teacher, 2023

“Professional and personable in her relationships, Aimee sees children as whole beings. Her input has been infinitely helpful to me in supporting our students.”

School Board Member & Community Provider, 2017

“Aimee’s teaching and support has made me more confident in what we have been able to achieve with our students.”

Paraeducator, 2017

“Aimee is informed of the latest curriculum models and supplemental materials. Her advocacy [and collaborative relationships] have driven much of our success as a special education team.”

Special Education Director, 2017

“Aimee is particularly creative in all academic venues she has performed in, to include data analysis, testing, data management, as a cooperative team player, willing to lead and to peer mentor staff, program designs and implementation.”

Special Education Director, 2017

“I really loved Aimee’s [workshop]. I felt energized and ready to begin this initiative in my district.”

Administrator & Participant of Empowering All Learners through Accessibility Design, 2022

“Listening to [Aimee’s] stories and then talking with peers helped give me a different perspective to expand the understanding of my students. It was most impactful to learn about real life situations and take time to fully go over the details.”

Paraeducator, 2023

“I have learned [through Aimee’s sessions] to always be active, aspiring and to communicate, especially when handling equity, inclusion and culture amongst the school community.”

Paraeducator, 2023

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